Tak Yamashita is an accomplished Boston-based musician and performer who focuses on the intersection of technology and music. He has worked in and around nightclubs for six years and has focused on DJing and producing Deep House and Progressive House music since 2010.

Tak's DJ philosophy begins with the attitude that all music is music; genre labels should give way to borrowing across international, cultural, and temporal divides. From world music to the natural world, from big band and be-bop to 808s, he fluidly integrates even pop-culture references, reframing and recontextualizing them while incorporating modern production quality and clarity.

Offering melodic hooks to get people moving, Tak also pushes the constraints of traditional forms, using subtle humanizing elements such as breath, randomization, improvisation and voice to escape from the feeling of over-quantization that is all too common in dance music. His sound is smooth, enveloping and intense while remaining intuitive and evolved.

Tak sculpts a finely-crafted experience, careful selecting tracks to create an intensity-building journey for his audiences. From years of working in the music and club industry, Tak is equally comfortable in an upscale ultra-lounge, a popular mega-club, or at an underground electronic music festival.